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Liquid can be heated and stirred at the same time on the machine.
Fully enclosed heating plate, no flame, heating up fast.
Stepless adjustable stirring speed.
Suitable for industrial, agricultural, and health, scientific research institutions,colleges and universities laboratory liquid mixing and heating.

Input Power: 3W
Motor Power: 1W
Model Number: Heating Stirrer
Voltage: 110V
Stirring Speed: 2500r/min
Heating Range: 100 degrees Celsius
Plug Type: US Plug, it applies to Canada, India, Mexico, Thailand, , the , the Philippines and so on.
Colour: white
Material: stainless steel + polyester film
Size: 135 x 150 x 30mm

Package Contents:
1 x agitator
1 x 30mm stir bar
1 x US plug